About Dear Jersey




What We Do

 Not Just another showcase, The Dear Jersey- Empowerment Tour is one element to a powerful movement built to infiltrate social change. Our primary channel, is through positive, profanity-free performance arts concerts. Yes, we build awareness through events, but those events are backed by an array of preparatory activities.

These activities include:

1.) Videography & Audio Engineering sessions;

2.) Content development & collaboration opportunities;

3.) Production and Self-Presentation Training;





What We Stand For

The Dear Jersey Tour has a burning desire to infiltrate change through performance arts. The strategy is simple through "togetherness". The project underwriters of the "Dear Jersey " Tour believe that by "bridging the gap" between various diversities and by maintaining a non-discrimination clause in tour participants, we can be the foundation to a platform of EMPOWERMENT!

This platform extended to all involved. Take a look at some of our participating vendors, partners and supporters or Audition to become apart of the lineup.